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Today was the day the countertops were going in as well as the last day for final electric.  I prayed that either the electrician or the countertop installers would see my note about the Ethernet cable in the cabinet.  Today was also our Field Manager’s first day back to work after about 10 days off.  We expected to hear from him at some point today and when it was the afternoon and we hadn’t heard anything from him Richard decided to text him.  He called and gave Richard the run down of a few things.

First he confirmed the countertops and final electric was completed today and basically told us that if we want to see them we should go out today because hard flooring starts tomorrow and it will take over most of the house for the next three days.  This means that because the stone people never showed up when they were supposed to (almost 2 weeks ago), that the stone will have to be installed over the flooring.  This is concerning for two reasons, we obviously don’t want to scratch up the new flooring and whenever I want to change out the flooring down the road, the existing flooring will have to be cut around the stone to be removed because the flooring under the stone will be a permanent fixture…I can’t imagine being able to slip it out from underneath the stonework.

Our FM assured Richard that they will cover the flooring well to protect it when the stone is installed, but this is definitely something that fell through the cracks since our FM was on vacation and there was no one in the office pushing to make sure everything got done when it was supposed to.  We were told to contact someone if there were issues, but we didn’t realize this was an issue we should have been driving to fix as the stone people were slow at getting to our job when they did the outside as well.  We didn’t think about the timeline with the flooring and the complications that would make.

So we hopped in the car after Richard got off the phone with our FM and headed to the build so we could see the countertops and check on the final electric.  In the garage we noticed there was a lot of equipment that we assume was left over from the countertop people and some supplies for doing tile.  We figure the people who did the countertops are also the ones doing the tile in our master bath which is also being done this week while the LVP flooring goes in   We were also informed by our FM that the proper kitchen cabinet had come in and would be swapped out for the one that was too short.  Sure enough it was in the garage.  Our FM relayed that a couple of the screens were also damaged and he has ordered new ones.

When we came in the house, we got greeted to the light activated by our smart motion switch we had put in in the hallway coming in from the garage.  I wanted this light because I assume we’ll be coming in this way 90% of the time and it would be nice to not have to hunt for a light when your hands are full of grocery bags for instance.

One of the first things we checked out was the kitchen counters. Sorry for the lighting on these pics.  We were messing with the under cabinet lighting when I took the photos and hadn’t yet turned on the ceiling lights.  I tried to lighten a couple of the photos but that resulted in washing them out a bit.

You will notice a difference between these countertops and the bathroom countertops…the lack of the small 4 inch backsplash.  I want to do a full backsplash all the way from the cabinets to the counters as I think it looks nicer without the short backsplash piece.  With everything else we have going on and some other things taking priority, I don’t think I will get the backsplash done right away and now I am regretting that choice as I am sure they could have removed that tiny backsplash fairly easily (?) when we go to do the full backsplash.  For future reference, this is my planned backsplash.  We installed our own backsplash at the old house, but I think I want to contract it out this time as putting it on an angle is going to require more precision than I feel comfortable handling.

It was a relief when we saw that the Ethernet cable was indeed ran inside the cabinet, with the box, and pulled through to the outside.  It’s hidden under the eat ledge area and when we have time we will go back and finish it off with a brown Cat 6 keystone and a brown cover plate I was able to find on Amazon.

One thing I noticed that I am unhappy about and don’t know how this happened was that there is two switches for the overhead kitchen lights…but both of them are on the same side of the room in the dinette area!  There isn’t one on the other side of the kitchen for some reason.  This is going to be a functional annoyance and we will probably have to pay for an electrician to come out and solve the problem…IF it’s even possible to easily add another switch to that 3 way circuit.  We went over a LOT of stuff with the original electrician and I thought we understood it all but he kept going back and forth on what was included and what we could do with the 3 way switches and this was a definite fail.  It ranks up there with the white exhaust cover in the middle of my stone tower outside. ?‍♀️

As you can see on the photo below, the 2 switches are on the same end of the kitchen, but there are no switches at the bottom coming in from the formal dining room (our homeschool room) or coming in from the hallway area on the bottom right.  I find this ironic because they put two switches in the dining room/homeschool room and I ended up having to get an extra smart dimmer add on switch to complete that circuit.  When I mentioned to the electrical finisher that I didn’t realize it had two switches in that room the electrician said, “yeah you have to have one at each point of entry due to code.”  So I am not certain how we have 2 kitchen switches on the same end of the room and nothing on the other end which has 2 points of entry…  Can you tell this is bugging me??

Moving on, we checked out some of the lights now that they can actually turn on.  We also took notice of our outdoor flood lights we bought that have motion detection.  We may want to reposition the lights a bit to aim more towards the back, but everything looks to be installed and in working order.

We took note of all the dimmers, switches and electrical outlets that are now fully functional.  The dimmers are going to take a little getting used to when operating them manually, but aren’t that hard once you remember you have to press and hold for dimming and just press for turning on and off.  They are smart switches that we will be hooking up to a SmartThings hub and in the future we can turn those lights on and off from different rooms through a tablet or phone or even do it from hundreds of miles away when we are on vacation to make the house look lived in.

They also have all the counters done in the bathrooms as well as the accessory package like towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, our curved shower curtain rod (an upgrade) and the shelving in all the closets.  As I type this I just realized I forgot to go back and look in the pantry at the shelving there and am kicking myself!  Oh well, I have to go back tomorrow for a little while to meet someone for an estimate on doing a coating on our garage floor, so hopefully I can sneak around the flooring installers long enough to go inside to see the pantry.

Coat closet:

Master Closet:

Powder room:

Master Bath:

I upgraded to these square sinks throughout all bathrooms.  These are design details that I really had fun customizing.

Over the master bath and now on a dimmer!

Shower light.  A must after our dark stand up shower at our old house.

Upstairs Bath:

So that’s all the photos I have from today.  Honestly we didn’t stay out there long as it wasn’t a planned trip and I’m sure I missed looking at some details.  We realized after we left we never checked out the kitchen sink for example, but we can see it was installed with all the rest of the undermount sinks because we see it in the pictures! Ha!

Our Field Manager has put off doing our pre-walk until next week.  That doesn’t exactly make us the happiest because we had some things we wanted to go over with him, but I am keeping a running list.  Richard got some rough idea of a schedule from him over the phone but didn’t have anything to write it down so some of the details are a little fuzzy.  What he remembers though (and what he could hear as there was some cell phone breaking up issues) is that hard flooring and the tiled master bath and shower would take up this week.  Next week would be final plumbing, the interior stone work and the carpeting. Richard believes he was going to submit for the Certificate of Occupancy after that, but unfortunately that’s where the phone issues came in and he doesn’t know all the details on that other than he thinks our FM said that takes about a week.

However there are other things that need to be done to get the C/O, such as after plumbing we have to do a process to disinfect our well and then get it to pass the health department and this procedure can often take more than one disinfecting cycle to pass.  Some major things we know still have to be done beyond the above listed items are all the outside painting, I have to pick out bathroom mirrors and install them because I wanted framed mirrors and not basic builder grade mirrors,  and we have Century Link coming out next week to run cable for DSL.

Speaking of which, the lone phone line cable did not get an end put on it.  I think the electricians probably got confused because of how much stuff we are doing on our own for the Ethernet and non-standard combination plates, but in any event they will need to put an end on our phone line before the DSL appointment I think so we can adequately test the line.  We will need to install our water softener after the inspections are done, and we’re in the process of picking a new insurance agent because our old one is atrocious and the company is over-priced.

Odd things that still need to be addressed include a hole in the back door that isn’t filled in with a lock or a plate (like the front door is) and a pantry sliding door that the frame seems a smidge too tight so that when you go to push it all the way open the decorative, relatively flat, knob (for lack of a better word) hits one side of the wall frame and will damage the trim over time as it’s already making a dent.  I’m hoping a shim or something can be used to push it slightly further apart as I want the pantry door, of all doors, to be able to be opened flush for when we bring in groceries as Costco trips often involve large boxes.

I also have a list of smaller items and paint touch ups that need to happen.  I’m praying it all comes together at the right time and that we’re not left with a punch list a mile long after we move in.

In other news, when we weren’t doing work at the house over the holiday weekend, we were furniture shopping and we ended up ordering new furniture for the livingroom.  Our current furniture wasn’t of the highest quality and the leather on Richard’s chair has ripped in the last few months.  We bought it as a stop gap until we got into a new house anyway and to look decent for showing our current house.

I’m still a little irritated that it is breaking down already regardless because it’s only a little over 2 years old and while it wasn’t high end, it also wasn’t cheap.  *sigh*  In any event, the purchases we made will allow us to throw out Richard’s ripped chair and move our current sofa up to the gaming loft and the furniture we had to go there to be put in the sunroom instead.  Is the furniture in those rooms what we want to have long term?  No.  But it will allow us to have seating in rooms that we may not have been able to use for a while without it, so it’s a win win all the way around.

We went with 2 couches and 2 chairs for the new furniture and we think it will all fit without it looking over crowded, but if we find we don’t like the look we will just shuffle things around.  We wanted to invest in something really well made and were looking for something with recliners in it, so we went with this Flexsteel couch and matching chair.  The 2 ends of the couch and the chair have 3 different motion pieces including adjustable headrest and lumbar support which helps this shorter legged lady sit in a chair without feeling like I am laying backwards staring at the ceiling.

For the second couch and chair I wanted to go with cloth for a pop of color since leather is fairly neutral.  We went with this couch and the chair you see partially in the front corner.  We didn’t get the cloth ottoman because we know there is not room for that with the recliners extended.  If for some reason we determine the 2 couches and 2 chairs is too much, we’ll move the cloth set to the sun room and pick up a loveseat for the living room instead.  If that happens, I probably will go back and buy the cloth ottoman as well as it would fit well in the sun room.  It’s not a high end set, but lets face it, with the leather having recliners in it the cloth won’t get as much use anyway.

Everything is in stock locally except the cloth chair which has to be ordered.  If we get in the house early enough this will be delivered on the 25th.  If we don’t get into the house until the last week of the month though it will have to wait until October 2nd as the company we bought it all from only delivers to Marysville on Tuesdays.

This is only a drop in the bucket of the list of things we’re going to need in the next year or two to fully furnish the house, but it was a high priority item on our furniture list so we decided to start there.  We sold or gave away a lot of furniture when we sold our house so we wouldn’t end up with 4 or 5 storage units, but that means we have a lot to replace.  We have 2 running lists of purchase priorities with one being furniture and one being everything else…we hope to slowly chip away at it.

Until tomorrow…

Thanks for reading!


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