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So today I got a few pictures from the final bits of trim that happened after the pictures yesterday.  They were painting today…final paint and stain for the whole house, trim, stairs, etc, so I wasn’t there long (didn’t want to be in the way).

The schedule had the stone people there yesterday and today, but the only stone done was to the outside.  Our Field Manager explained to us what had caused it to not get finished before, suffice it to say the roofers had an assumption and left a 2 inch gap for the stone that was not needed, so they had to come back and alter the roof and put in flashing so there would be no gaps or possible leaks.  With that done they could finish the stone work.

Here’s the only thing that really stuck out to us as new, this little bit of detail on the columns.

And here’s another photo of the railing upstairs.  I’m seriously loving the pieces I picked out.  I picked the pieces out of the online catalog for the company who makes the stair systems.  I wanted something upgraded from the standard railing but without paying an arm and a leg for something too ornate.  The pieces came together beautifully.

Finally, I took note of 2 new issues with the cabinet and trim install (which over all was VERY good).  Most of these issues seem to be ordering issues.  First we had the cabinet that was too small, but our FM thinks the replacement will be in sometime next week.  The new issues are some missing handles on the downstairs powder room cabinet and the curved trim for over the window in the sunroom was not installed.  We saw and extra curved piece in the garage that was too large so I assume this was an ordering issue like the too small cabinet.  So the only other issue is the handles, which also could be an ordering issue, we don’t know.  Our FM asked me to send him an email about something so I added those observations to that email.

So that’s my little update for today.  The painting crew was huge compared to the crews in the past, so hopefully a lot will get done today.  We’re going back out tomorrow to work on installing the mailbox.  Our FM also updated us on a couple more things with the schedule before he goes on vacation.  Next week the HVAC gets finalized and they will have the AC on and set at 72 so that the house can acclimate before they install the flooring the week after and the countertops are set to be installed on September 4th.  He’s also going to send us a new snapshot of his schedule sometime today and give us a tentative date when he thinks we will be finished so we can get penciled in on the movers’ schedule!  Woohoo!

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