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So yesterday (day 113) we went out to the build site to show my dad and his wife our house for the first time.  These pictures reflect the updates made at the end of Thursday and all of Friday.

When we pulled up we noticed the stone was dropped off to do the fireplace and stone half wall.

We also noticed the porch columns were completed.

Inside we found the door into the garage had been rehung with the new door jamb so that the door swings the right way and that the regular doors and the pocket doors were installed.

We also noticed the actual front door handle is now installed.  There will be a special smart lock with a keypad for it though which is done by a separate company later.

Here’s a sample of some of the baseboards installed.

And the handrail was added to the basement stairs.

And here you can see some of the doors installed (although the ones that swing inward were open).

The handles on the windows were added.

Now onto the cabinetry.  We found there was an error with one cabinet as it was too short.

And we still hadn’t heard back from our Field Manager about the issue of the under cabinet lighting cable that should be here is still behind the wall.

Not getting any answers from our FM yet made Richard go ahead and talk directly to the installer about both issues today.  He said he noted the cabinet was wrong and told our FM that they would need to order a new cabinet, but he went ahead and installed it so he could install the rest of the cabinets in that line.  When the replacement comes in he said it will only take 5-10 minutes to pop the wrong cabinet out, put the right cabinet in and install the crown molding on it.

However the under-cabinet lighting is a harder thing because it’s the corner cabinet and he said although he would do the work if our FM wants him to, he thinks the issue would be better solved by the electrician sticking his arm up the triangular space behind the corner of the cabinet and trying to cut through and break the cable out of the wall and then do any drywall repair if necessary.  It’s also more expensive for him to have to take down the cabinets to fix it.  We will see what our FM decides to do, we still haven’t heard from him.

Over all though we are really loving the cabinets!  There’s so many features and there’s so much space!

3 roll out drawers came standard with our package:

We paid for a tilt out sponge tray on the cabinet with our sink, but there’s also bins in the doors of that cabinet.

The lazy susan is in and seems to work well.

And we paid for slide out trash cans in the cabinet to the right of the sink.

Lots of cabinets.  This is probably 3-4 times the amount of cabinets we had at our old house.

We also paid for cabinets above our washer and dryer and those were installed as well.

And finally, on our way out we saw that our stair parts for the main staircase had arrived and were in the garage.

We have a few photos of work that was done today, but not much and I will share that in another post.  We should be able to go back out there tomorrow night and get another update that should really start putting everything together.  The cabinet and trim installers hope to be finished by Wednesday, but that could stretch another day.  They still have a good amount of trim work to do and bathroom cabinetry to install.  I don’t know if they are also the ones who do the stairs, but I am betting they are as they seem to be the ones pulling all the wood details together.

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