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So a short post with a few pictures we got from some of the work done today on cabinets and trim installation.

So the rest of the upper cabinets were up, however we were right in that the corner cabinet does not have the electric cable for the under cabinet lighting fished out of the wall.  Considering where those cables were, they’re probably going to have to take down some of the cabinets to fix that.  Richard texted our Field Manager to let him know that one is still buried inside the wall, but we haven’t heard back anything from him yet.

There were baseboards installed in the sunroom.

And the little steps were completed at the patio door.

Also the basement steps had additional pieces added to make them more of a permanent staircase.  Up until now they still gave a feeling of floating as you got towards the bottom as they weren’t completely attached to the floor yet (which was necessary before the concrete was poured) and were a little less robust.  Little things are being done to complete these parts.

So that’s it for today.  It was just a few pictures from a very short trip that at least helped us verify whether the under cabinet lighting cable was an issue or if we just missed seeing the one in the corner.  Now we could raise the issue with the FM while it’s still early in the cabinetry and hopefully easier to correct.

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