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So today started the process of putting in cabinets and trim.  I believe it’s supposed to last around a week.  We got there late in the evening before a thunderstorm so I didn’t get the clearest photos with less light in the house, but hopefully you can see some of the priming color which will eventually be our permanent color.

First a few photos of the basement wall repairs I was mentioning yesterday.  You can see a difference in color which I assume will partially go away as the concrete cures, but they did a pretty good job patching up the areas that did not release perfectly from the forms.

Going into the house we noticed we got a permanent step into the house from the garage, which is much shorter than the big temporary step we’ve been using from before the concrete was poured.  This is nice for me as I have short legs and arthritis in my knees so tall steps are a big painful.

So here are the cabinets that have been put in so far.  It’s not a lot yet but a lot of things were put in the house and staged not only in the kitchen, but also with doors and trim in other rooms.  First the cabinet progress.  Also, you will notice that they have pulled the under cabinet lighting cables back through the wall although now I realize I didn’t check for each one and will feel better once I check to make sure the one that was practically in the corner was also pulled through under that corner cabinet.

They made a dent in the pile. ?

They have also started working on the little stoop at the back patio door that will eventually be replaced by a deck.

And the screen for the door

Now for some of the wall color and some of the trim that has been installed or staged.


Great Room and the upstairs Game Room:

Downstairs hallway.  You can see doors have been placed in rooms where they will be installed.

Master Suite.  I could not get a good picture of the greenish gray color with the lighting today.

This one is a bit better on the color, but still not quite right.

Craft Room, which has the same color and the door that will be turned into a pocket door.

Creative Kid’s “Real Red” room. 

Guest Bedroom/Office has the blue:

Great Room from above:

Upstairs Bathroom:

Upstairs Bathroom closet door:

Closet door for the Guest Bedroom/Office:

Pantry has the light yellow and a pocket door:

Another door:

CK’s closet door:

Laundry Room also gets yellow:

Finally a look at the massive amounts of trim that came in that they are working from:

And a little look at the cost of installation:

Well that’s it for today.  We may not go back until Sunday as we had some hotel points that we will lose if we don’t use them by September 1st, so we decided a while ago to just take a couple days away from the apartment and the build for us to relax as a family before we go into the home stretch and have lots of details and packing and moving to organize.


Thanks for reading!


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