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So we made a quick trip out to the land to see if anything was done and get the files off the trail camera.  It seems they put down some more gravel into the pit that will be our basement, but nothing else was done.  We caught a slinger type truck on camera doing it this morning, but not much else has happened this week on the build front. We hope that this means they are preparing to put the poured wall forms up soon, but honestly we don’t know.  We haven’t heard from our Field Manager since Richard sent him a text Monday morning about something we noticed that is wrong on the blue prints.  It’s not a huge deal, but a wall will need to be adjusted most likely.

In other building news, we got a quote back from the landscaping company we have been using to clear trees for the septic area.  The wet ground and the railroad basically made the front area of our land impossible to use for the septic.  This left doing it in the woods which of course means cutting down more trees.  They have to be done in a way to not disturb the soil and the stumps have to be ground down.  I was originally expecting a 2-2.5k estimate for this work based on the previous work we had done.  Unfortunately it came back at 4k.  We understand why as the trees are much taller and they have to be more careful when they remove them.  Also the city is making us do a larger area than our septic contractor was originally told.  So now we have to come up with more money than we were planning as this is all coming out of our pocket, not out of the loan.

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