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Temporary Address Sign

So today we went to the land and did a little prep work.  We bought a pre-cut piece of weather treated board and a can of spray pain as well as some wooden stakes and went out and put up a temporary address sign.  This is one of the things we needed to do to help deliveries identify our location, especially since the building space will actually be happening behind the front tree line and won’t be as easy to spot from the road.

Temporary Address Sign

We also moved our trail cam to get the timelapse of our house build.  This required quite a bit of clearing of what I have been just calling sticker bushes and sticker vines.  It wasn’t until I looked at the landscaper’s bill from the tree clearing and saw he said “cleared trees and honeysuckle” that I even knew honeysuckle could look like this and grow like this!  It is EVERYWHERE in the front of our property growing between the real trees.  I say real trees because these things are so overgrown that some of them don’t look like bushes anymore, they look like small trees.

They are very prickly and thorny which makes the work clearing them out pretty miserable.  You can wear work gloves, but unless you are covered head to toe in some really thick material, you ARE going to get poked…and scratched…and punctured.  My arms constantly are scratched up when we are done and my shirts and pants have thread pulls from the vines and branches grabbing onto them and poking through.  You clear some branches and the next thing you know you have one of the younger vines practically wrapped around your arm or your leg and you have to work to detach it.

Least to say, all the honeysuckle must die!

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