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Sell This House!

So we had our 2nd house showing a couple days ago.  In actuality it was the 3rd showing that was booked, but the 2nd one was a no-show.  Our realtor says that doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  Our security system is extra helpful right now in letting us know when people show up and when they leave.

It’s been a couple days, so I am assuming we weren’t what they were looking for or we would have heard something back from them by now. They did eat almost all the cookies I left on the counter though. 😀

With only 2 showings in our first week on the market, I’m beginning to worry that this process will drag on for months.  I’m dreading the idea of keeping my house in “show ready” condition for that long.  It’s a lot of work to have a soon-to-be 6 year old in a home and keep it looking like it’s not lived in. I am basically getting very little done during the day but cleaning.

Praying for more showings and an offer soon.

Thanks for reading!


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