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So yesterday we had our first house showing!  Yay!  So exciting, but so nerve wracking at the same time.  We were supposed to get 2 hours’ notice on any potential showings and they are set up through a service.  Well it didn’t exactly go that way…at all.  Our realtor called us up in early afternoon and apologized for the way this was happening, but  someone who was already in the neighborhood looking at another house with their realtor seemingly saw our sign and called our realtor directly to see if they could do a showing.  I had 20 minutes to get my 5 year old ready to leave, pick up his toys, make sure the counters were clear, etc, etc.

I was frantic!  I stashed things in the garage where they couldn’t be seen, I quickly opened all the curtains, turned on all the lights, put away all the homeschool materials that were on the dining room table…well you get the picture.  Twenty minutes is really not a long time.  I locked up and left and the people came up to the door less than 2 minutes later (thanks Arlo!).  That showing didn’t go badly, but our house was not as much space as the buyer was looking for, so it wasn’t the right fit.  In any event it was a frantic first dip in the water.

Our showing availability is only from 10am to 8pm, so from now on instead of starting homeschool when I normally would in the morning, I plan to make sure the house is in “show ready” condition by doing all the things that need done in the morning so that just in case there is a last minute showing, only a minimum of things will need to be done.

The good news is, we have another showing lined up for this evening!  I’m praying the right buyer will come along quickly as meetings and planning for our new house to be built are still moving forward for the time being.  I don’t want our new house to end up being delayed because we have to grind to a halt on those plans due to still needing to sell our house.  And of course,  in the meantime, we are trying to close on land we put an offer in about 2 weeks ago.  This is going to be a crazy October!

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