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Monthly Family Challenge

Happy July everyone and welcome to the July 2020 Monthly Family Challenge! Long time, no see! I took most of the month of June off as between my birthday, new scheduling as my husband is back to work but working from home and trying to finish up our school year, I was just a bit burnt out! Mentally and emotionally the last year has been very hard on my family since we were already under extreme stress from job loss before Covid-19 hit and the pandemic just made everything exponentially worse.

So I’m back now and trying to find a new groove again. We’re going to be taking a extra long 2 month break from school this year. I know most people would say this is short but as all year round homeschoolers the biggest break I take is normally only the month of August, but this year is just decidedly different. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still finishing up a few things, still going to do some family read alouds and other family activities! So here is my July 2020 Monthly Family Challenge to help me and you connect with our families! Enjoy!

Family Challenge

  1. Do a family read aloud this month! Pick a book that you think the whole family will enjoy and read it aloud. If your kids are old enough you can take turns reading it aloud or simply read aloud and discuss what you read afterwards. Use the book as a jumping off point for some interesting family discussion.
  2. Have a family meeting. I have some sheets that I have made out for our family meetings. We’ve been so busy that we got out of the habit of doing it in recent months but we are reviving it this month! This is a great way to touch base with everyone and find out what issues are important in your family at the time. We use this time to discuss everything from meal requests to work on goals or fix problem issues in how our family is functioning.
  3. Do an outdoor activity! It’s officially summer and I will be keeping this challenge in here for the duration of summer into fall. Find a fun outdoor game, play in a sprinkler or pool or have a bonfire night!
  4. Dream together. Find some time to talk to your family about their future. Find a dream for your family that you all agree on it and turn it into a goal. Maybe it’s turning the basement into a play space. It could be a dream vacation after this whole pandemic mess has subsided. Maybe it’s a child who has a particular career path they want to take and you are going to work on helping them make that a reality. Whatever the dream may be, find tasks to turn it from a dream into a reality.

So that is my Monthly Family Challenge for July 2020. I hope you have a great Independence day weekend with your family making memories. 🥰

Thanks for reading!


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