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So remember when I said we were looking for a totally different type of dog when I stumbled upon the Golden Doodle breeder whom we got Maggie from? Well now for the rest of the story! So the original breed I was looking for was a German Shepherd. My husband has wanted a German Shepherd for forever and he got our son interested in them as well. Stephen fell in love with their puppy form which he says looks like a little bear. So that was the dog I was in search of a couple months ago, and unfortunately did not find right away.

Eventually though we found this girl! Say hello to Savannah Rose! We’ve had her now for almost 3 months and she’s finally settled into her new surroundings. Savannah and Maggie are very different personalities. Where Maggie is 100% energy and movement, Savannah is calm and reserved. We think they will be good for each other and we’ve already seen some positive changes in both.

Maggie was in a very puppy biting/teething phase and we were having to correct the biting of us and of objects constantly before we got Savannah. While we still have to watch the objects she gets a hold of, within the first 24 hours of getting Savannah her biting of us went down by 90%. It was like she recognized she could play fight with Savannah and that we were not other puppies that she could play with that way. Savannah on the other hand has come out of her shell a bit and wants to be more a part of the family like Maggie…actually wanting pets and belly rubs. She LOVES belly rubs!

Savannah and Maggie
We sit for treats!

Speaking of play fighting, they fight hard, play hard and sleep hard. I was concerned a bit at first when we first got Savannah home because she seemed to be more docile and Maggie thought she could run right over her, but we took them outside to play and Savannah really warmed up. Once she warmed up she gave as good as she got and now they have these rounds of play fighting, often followed by a little licking of each other or falling asleep near each other.

So my household has been extremely crazy since we now have 2 puppies under 6 months! It’s kind of like having two toddlers under two….except you can’t keep their accidents confined to diapers. Thankfully the potty training is improving recently and accidents have been limited most of this week to one a day or none at all. We have puppy playpens to keep them corralled when they can’t be actively monitored as we’ve had a bit of destruction…mostly shoes but we’ve had to do some wall/trim repair in a spot or two as well unfortunately. 😬 In my new house. 😭 I told Richard that this is the last time we get puppies….we’re getting too old for this! 🤣 But our promise to our son has been fulfilled and then some, not one but two puppies at once!

So expect some crazy updates from time to time on our new four legged friends! They may be puppies but they’re already tall enough to be counter surfers and smart enough to figure out how to get things you would never expect. We don’t even want to talk about the trash panda tendencies….

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