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Today I am bringing you a free simple spring cleaning checklist! We spent part of this month of quarantine/stay at home orders by doing a deep cleaning on our house. I normally try to do some spring cleaning around this time anyway, and since we’re all stuck at home I figured what better time?

Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

I had a plan to deep clean one room per day, with everyone pitching in, until it was all done. This way the tasks aren’t overwhelming. I’d like to say we stuck to that plan, but we didn’t quite get there. We got much of it done then had some bad personal news that threw us for a loop and took us off schedule. The last of the areas got done in drips and drabs throughout the rest of the month. But hey, the important part is that it got done, right?

I put together this SIMPLE spring cleaning checklist because really spring cleaning shouldn’t be all that difficult to understand. When I do my cleaning, I don’t need pages and pages of lists for each individual room. I need one major list of things that need done in each room with small lists for room variables. This checklist is one page, easy to understand and covers all the needed tasks without the extra fluff and wordiness. You can even laminate it! Use a dry erase marker to check boxes off while you do them in each room, then erase and start again on the next room.

Download Your Checklist Below

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