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Free Vacation Checklist

I wanted to bring you my free vacation checklist today! I know everyone is excited for the summer months and many people may have vacations planned for later in the year. For years now I have saved time when packing for trips by reusing the same vacation checklist each time.

Free Vacation Checklist

Sure I have to tweak it if we have a specific activity or type of vacation in mind. But the basics of any trip always require much of the same things. I got tired of making new checklists each time and created a master list. Why keep reinventing the wheel, right?

My master lists are divided by person when it comes to clothes, but also by category when it comes to things like toiletries and electronics. I originally made these checklists in Evernote with checkmark boxes that I can check off as I pack. I have taken the time to convert it into a simplified free vacation checklist printable. You can download it and have a head start on your packing for your next vacation. As a homeschool mom, I would advise you to laminate it so you can use it for each person in your family and for each future vacation!


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