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A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how Creative Kid hates to color.  Here’s an update!  Now that we have completed 2+ years of home preschool, I can say that his endurance for doing these activities has increased although coloring remains one of those things that doesn’t quite interest him in the same way things like mazes or pencil games excite him.  HOWEVER, drawing is increasingly becoming one of his favorite art activities.  This warms my heart so much since I love art and being creative and want him to find his own creative outlet.  This fall we will start official homeschool Kindergarten and I am already piling up the drawing and art books!  And although handwriting is still one of his least favorite things to do, continuing to work at it and his grip and hand dexterity through games and manipulatives has improved his penmanship and pencil grip.

Looking back at this old post (that I didn’t even post publicly at the time, it was a test post mostly to help me work on the site), it reminds me that to everything there is a season and even if my little guy doesn’t like doing something, even for a long time, it doesn’t mean that he won’t eventually come around.  So I say to you, you lovers of art or math or music or English or whatever the subject may be, even if your little one hates the subject now, keep working on it…they may just come around over time.

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