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So we signed Creative Kid up for Taekwondo a few days ago and today was his first class.  I’m a bit nervous about it because we’ve been having some behavioral issues with him recently that I think are greatly influenced by all the change in our lives.  This is something we wanted to do to help give him a little stability…something he can look forward to doing on a regular schedule.  If it works out, we will continue with him at this location even after we move into the new house as it’s only about a half an hour away.

For now we’ve signed up for a month introductory price and we’ll see how it goes.  Creative Kid was very excited when we told him about this opportunity and I know he wants to do it.  We’re hoping it gives him him better focus and self discipline as those are the areas we are struggling with right now.  This will also give him an outlet to get some of his energy out while we are stuck in a small apartment and it’s still cold outside.  Homeschool P.E. credit for the win!

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