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At the end of our Thanksgiving break, we were surrounded by Taekwondo pictures…but not only the ones you would expect. I’ve talked about All About Learning Press and their great products, All About Reading and All About Spelling. We no longer use AAR as Stephen reading level has advanced, but we are currently about to finish up AAS Level 3. Being that I knew we were getting to the end of the book, I ordered Level 4 so we would not have any delay when we finish up with Level 3.

Did you know that All About Learning Press does box art? I’ve seen some pretty elaborate art they have done and I think this is such a cool, fun way to really personalize the package and get your kid excited about what’s inside. I’ve never requested box art before as I often buy my supplies at the homeschool convention exhibit hall, but this time since I was ordering from the website (and actually remembered to request it!) I gave them a couple ideas for box art for Stephen with one of those being Taekwondo.

Look at this cute guy that was on our box! Stephen loved it and had me cut it out for him to keep. It is such a nice thing that they do for their customers. To learn more how you can get box art on your package, read this blog post.

At the end of that week we were blessed with receiving Stephen’s professionally done Kickpics much earlier than we expected. What a great surprise! And if you are a friend or family member, you will be receiving our annual Christmas card and letter any time now and will have seen a couple of the pictures on our card. This is our second year in Taekwondo and our second year having pictures taken and Stephen loves it. He especially loves getting to take pictures with some of the tools that he doesn’t typically get to use yet.

Later this week, Stephen will be testing for his next belt rank. The rank he is in now is a little more challenging as he has to know his whole form on his own with no prompts. He’s been working hard though and we’ve really seen improvement with his focus and his personal dedication and desire to do well in the last few months. I am more proud of that growth than of anything else. ❤

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