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Recreations Outlet

We thought we would take Creative Kid to Recreations Outlet in Powell, Ohio.  It’s an outdoor play equipment place that has the play equipment indoors for kids to play on for a small fee.  We thought it would be a great place for CK to get some of his energy out while we are stuck indoors because of the weather and allow us to get some ideas not only for future play equipment for the new house but they also sell hot tubs and we hope to eventually buy one of those, too.

Lets start with the good.  This was a great space for Creative Kid to play and I am sure we will be back.  It is a little pricey at something like $7 per 2 hours, but it would definitely be worth it during bad weather to help get the energy out.  He loved trying out all the equipment and even throwing the basketball and kicking the soccer ball around. If we lived closer this would be a great place to use as homeschool PE.

Now for the bad.  I thought the prices on their kids equipment was outrageous.  I know these big wooden sets cost a large amount, but I know I have seen other similar sets a LOT cheaper than this place.  If we had multiple little kids and there was some long guarantee on it, I *might* see playing the inflated price.  However we have one child who is already 6 years old.  It is probably a stretch to think this will be used for more than a few years after we get into our new house.  I just can’t see spending thousands, many thousands, of dollars on a play set that he will get use out of for half a year for 3 or 4 years at most.

I don’t really know the prices of hot tubs to compare, so I took a bunch of their pamphlets, but if it’s anything like the prices on the play equipment I don’t think we’ll be coming here when the time comes to buy one.

But judging from the smile on Creative Kid’s face, we will be back to play. ?

Recreations Outlet

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