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So for the longest time I noticed when we would go to restaurants and they would give my little darlin’ those couple of crayons and a paper placemat that he would lose interest quickly.  I figured he was distracted by all the other interesting things he could do instead…a favorite of his seemed to be playing with all of the sweetener packets.  However, over time, even with coloring books for characters and cartoons he was into, he was not really interested in coloring.

Now that we’re doing home preschool, I am aware of this even more as any activity that requires coloring or writing for very long he gets frustrated with or bored easily.  So I have had to resort to other means to make him practice his fine motor skills.  I’ve bought numerous games that teach things like tripod grip and fine motor skills in a subtle way where he doesn’t realize what he’s doing.  I still have to remind him to hold/do whatever it is properly, but he doesn’t want to quit and do something else and I am hopeful it will help over time.

The other disappointment for me though is that I am so artistic and he doesn’t like these types of activities.  Honestly it makes me sad. Maybe at some point in the future his interest will be piqued, but for now coloring, drawing, etc does not seem to interest him at all.  He appears interested in painting, but often when it comes down to it he likes the idea of it more than the execution.  About the only artistic medium that he does really seem to like is play-doh which is basically like clay.

If you’re child is like mine, hates coloring or writing but you want to work on their fine motor skills, check out these games and activities:

Sorting Pie

Gumball Grab

Froggy Feeding Fun

Creative Color Cubes

Pattern Block Activity Pack

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