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So I’ve been trying to get us back on track while my husband is in India on a work trip.  Thankfully Creative Kid is feeling better, chesty lingering cough aside, and I never got the full gambit of symptoms.  We’re spending our time getting back on track with homeschool after being off for about a month for the holidays, moving and illness.  I’m also getting more and more boxes put away so while this may never seem truly like home, it will at least be more comfortable and as organized as possible.

The organization is key considering we are squeezing into 950 square feet of space.  Our old home was almost 1700 square feet plus we had a large bonus room in the basement that while was technically unfinished (we painted the walls, added extra lighting and extra outlets and put peel and stick tile down on the floor), it was used for extra toys as well as functioned as some extra recreational space.  Our new home will be around 3,000 square feet and that doesn’t include over 2000 square feet of basement space that we will eventually finish off.  We’re so excited to have so much space and plans for the basement are already going through our heads.

We Skype with my husband about twice a day, but because of the time difference I have to keep Creative Kid up an extra hour or so at night.  I love that Skype exists and it has certainly helped with separation anxiety with our little guy when daddy has to go on trips, but the schedule differences have made for very long days for me as a parent.  I relish the time I have alone at night to just enjoy the peace and quiet as downtime with CK is few and far between sometimes.

Counting down until hubby gets home…


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