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So with our first official homeschool year starting this fall, we decided to go to our first homeschool convention!  I’m so excited to be a part of the homeschool community, but equally overwhelmed by the actual process.   My hope is that this convention will be a good way to gather information, hopefully get some good deals on curriculum, and in general connect with other homeschool families and companies who understand where we’re coming from.

However, I have already been warned via blogs and other homeschooling moms of various pitfalls to homeschool conventions and am trying to benefit from their experience to make my first time experience a good and productive one.  There are loads of moms out there who have various check lists and guidelines to help guide you through your first convention and I am certainly taking them up on their tips and free guides.  I’ll be sure to report back on my experience when we go to the Cincinnati Great Homeschool Convention.

In the meantime, I am doing massive amounts of research on curriculum and the speakers who will be there.  I’d really like to go into the exhibit hall with a list of things I am looking for and the current cost of each so I know if I am really getting a good deal or not.  I plan on looking at everything, but I know I need to have a general plan going in to not lose focus on the goal.  I’m sure I will pick up additional items and will budget to do so, but I want to make sure not to be distracted by a good sales pitch.

Likewise I want to spend my time in workshops that are beneficial to me and have quality information.  Certain things obviously don’t apply to me at this stage…there will be plenty of time to focus on college prep and higher level classwork as the years go by.  So for now I am focusing on classes that either address the age range we are currently in, homeschooling in general or parenting challenges.  I’ve been warned by a friend that a lot of these workshops are just one big sales pitch for their product, so that’s another thing I am trying to weed though.

It’s all a bit overwhelming and it seems like my preparation for going to the convention is going to take way more time than the time that I am actually at the convention.  Part of that is just who I am as a person…I like to be well prepared.  At the same time I am definitely excited and looking forward to the process.  My husband is excited to take Creative Kid to his first baseball game while we’re there (Cincy Reds vs reigning champs Chicago Cubs) while I am at the convention on the 3rd day.  We’re also going to go to the comedy show at the convention on the 2nd night featuring Bob Smiley (we’ve seen him before) and John Crist (love his vids on Youtube), so I’m sure it will be a great extended weekend for the whole family.

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