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It’s that time of year again and many of you are preparing a homeschool portfolio. Then again, maybe you aren’t. Here in Ohio it seemed like we were in the clear from needing an assessment or an achievement test for next year in light of some Covid 19 legislation that was passed, but now it seems that legislation is clear as mud. We were planning to have our assessment done regardless of the legislation. Now I believe everyone should just err on the side of caution and make sure you follow the normal requirements.

Are you in a state that requires a portfolio review or assessment? Our first year going through the process made me very nervous. I didn’t feel like I had enough paperwork to show and in general the whole thing just ratcheted up my anxiety. In the end there was no reason to be nervous. I had a lovely conversation with the assessor we chose and I had enough examples of work to show progress.

This year I was a little smarter. Instead of waiting until the end to gather together examples of Stephen’s work, I made a private Facebook group at the beginning of the school year and uploaded pictures of work throughout the year. This was a great way to alleviate that mad dash at the end of the school year to pull everything together. It’s simply the best way to make an easy homeschool portfolio.

It may be a little bit late in the school year for it to be quite as easy, but start now! Make a private group, upload your pictures and when you are ready, add your assessor to your private group. It’s that simple.

Set up a private portfolio group

What I have realized since that first portfolio assessment is that the assessor works for you. They are a support person, helping you if you need it and being a cheerleader in your corner. Your assessor does not pass your child on to the next grade, that’s your role. They are only there to confirm that your child is progressing according to their ability. You are your child’s teacher as well as their parent. You know what their abilities are and teach them accordingly.

Easy Homeschool Portfolio

If the idea of an assessment makes you feel inferior or anxious and it’s not just because it’s your first one? Well you probably should get another assessor. And remember, a portfolio is just a sampling of work that shows progress throughout the year. This is not a ream of paper! No assessor has time to look through 300 worksheets per child! So don’t stress, get together about 20 to 30 examples AT MOST that show progress in various subjects and go into your assessment with confidence.

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