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Well I figured this would happen, but was hoping it didn’t…we’re all sick.  My husband and Creative Kid have the worst of it which includes a pretty steady fever and upset stomach problems which leads to clean up problems for me as Creative Kid has not mastered the idea of running to the trash can or bathroom when he feels sick.  This is not exactly the way we planned to spend our first weekend in the apartment before my husband’s trip, but it’s what we’re stuck with anyway.  Least to say, we have put off starting homeschool back up until everyone is recovered.  In the meantime I am trying to make my way through putting a few boxes away each day while taking care of my sick guys.  It seems I have gotten off easy with the symptoms as mine has been mostly head and sinus issues and I am normally the one who ends up the worst.  Praying for restored health and some good family time before Creative Kid and I are on our own for the rest of the month.

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