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Do you have a small bathroom with little to no towel hanging space?  That’s where I was at when I redid our main upstairs bathroom.  It’s the bathroom that most people use in the house and I hated that the only towel bars were either in the bath tub area (for hanging wet wash cloths) or above the toilet (eww, I hate this position yet all 3 of my bathrooms have towel bars over the toilet).  So we had a small amount of space on one wall to add more towel hanging storage.  I searched high and low for something that would fit what I was looking for and honestly came up with very few things that would do the job, so what better thing to do than to just make my own!  And it was easy and cheap, too!

The first thing you need to do is determine the size you want the towel rack to be.  For me I decided to go with a standard size board that I could get out of the pre-cut area at Lowe’s.  I also decided how many hooks I wanted, and this was a sticking point for me because the whole reason I couldn’t find a pre-made rack on the market to suit my needs was because most only had 3 hooks.  I wanted enough hooks to have a hook for each person if we had guests plus us….basically at least 5 hooks.

After picking out my piece of wood, I bought 5 white hooks.  I then picked out some paint from my painting rack in the basement from a previous paint job.  If you don’t have left over paint that will work, you could buy a sample jar of paint because you really won’t need that much.  Next I used Microsoft Word and found a font I liked to use for my lettering and printed the letters out on individual pieces of paper the size I needed them.  I cut the letters out and used them like a stencil to draw the letters on the board in pencil.

The next step was painting.  I painted most of the board the color I picked out and then painted the stenciled letters white.  I painted multiple coats until I was happy with the appearance.  Then I measured out how far apart I wanted the hooks to go and drilled holes for the hooks.  It really was a quick, simple process and using a cordless drill makes it take almost no time at all.  After attaching the hooks I then attached hardware to the back to hang the rack on the wall.

Ta da:

Total cost= $12

I’m very happy with the results and the minimal cost!  It was exactly the solution I was looking for.  🙂


Thanks for reading!


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