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Where Did Fall Go?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post….we’ve had a multitude of yearly appointments and busyness that has been taken over most of my days. October is always our busiest month of the year. Between Stephen’s birthday, Halloween,parties, fall activities (pumpkin patch, etc), yearly check-ups, etc I…


Seasons of Change

This isn’t my typical blog post. It won’t be about homeschooling or our house build or crafts or photography. No, this post is about change, seasons of life, seasons of faith and God. Right now is a physical season of change. We can see the fall colors everywhere around us…



Welcome!  If you’ve found this page, you’re reading my first live post!  I’m sorry for the mess around here as I tweak this site.  I started working on this site 2 years ago and then this little thing called life got in the way.  So many things have happened in…