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Unstuffed Peppers Recipe

Today I thought I would bring you a simple unstuffed peppers recipe. I’m a fan of one pot dishes that once you do the prep work, they basically cook themselves and this recipe falls into that category. Ironically when I was growing up my mom fixed stuffed peppers, but back…


Free Memorial Day Craft Tutorial

Today I wanted to bring you a free Memorial Day craft tutorial. Memorial Day is in a week, so I wanted to bring you this tutorial early enough to have plenty of time to do it with your children. Memorial Day is an important holiday to me. No it is…


Free Vacation Checklist

I wanted to bring you my free vacation checklist today! I know everyone is excited for the summer months and many people may have vacations planned for later in the year. For years now I have saved time when packing for trips by reusing the same vacation checklist each time….


Salsa Chicken and Rice Recipe

Today I thought I would share my salsa chicken and rice recipe. This is a very versatile recipe that I make and can be used a couple of ways. My original way was simply as a one pot dish with full pieces of chicken breasts covered in melted cheese over…


Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

Today I am bringing you a free simple spring cleaning checklist! We spent part of this month of quarantine/stay at home orders by doing a deep cleaning on our house. I normally try to do some spring cleaning around this time anyway, and since we’re all stuck at home I…


Mindi’s Big Pot of Chili

Well it’s Monday and I thought I would do another free printable, but this time for Mindi’s Big Pot of Chili recipe. This is incredibly entertaining to me that I not only like chili, I love it enough that I came up with my own recipe several years back. Why…


Free Home Maintenance Checklist!

Today I am happy to announce my first freebie, a free home maintenance checklist! Welcome back everyone! I am done with my website revamp. I’m still working out a few tweaks here and there, but I am really happy with the finished product. I decided what better way to come…


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