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2nd Grade Mid Year Update

I thought I would do a little mid year update of our homeschool plan. You’re probably thinking, “Mid year? Aren’t you about a month late for that?” Well no actually. We start the day after Labor Day and go through the end of July, so this is about our mid-point….


Starting Cursive!

Today was the day….the day I have been waiting for…the day I hoped would make a difference for my son. If you’ve ever heard me talk about my son’s antipathy for handwriting you would know my son HATES it. Like white hot hate….procrastinates…complains…man it’s like pulling teeth and beating my…


New Year, New Goals

It’s a new year and that means for our family, our yearly planning meeting. I was recently a part of a group session where New Years Resolutions were brought up. We’ve never been on the Resolution bandwagon. To me they seem like you are setting yourself up for failure. Resolutions…