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House Inspection

So things have been moving fast with the house sale.  The inspection was scheduled quickly and came back with some things we sort of expected and some we did not and some that were just down right silly.  In the end the fixes are going to cost more than I…


We Bought The Lot!

So we bought the lot!  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but in the end we got it done.  We had some confusion when we went to wire the money and with it being the week of Thanksgiving there were bank holidays and abnormal business hours that came…


We Got An Offer!

We got an offer on the house!  We’re so excited, but also nervous about the whole process.  We’ve been getting sporadic showings and one couple seemed close to making an offer, but went with a smaller, and therefore cheaper, house instead.  We had basically given up trying to sell the…